Range of Motion With Aurora Willows

Are you overwhelmed by the demands of your life?
Do you feel tired, anxious and stressed out?  Is your body in pain ?  Does your neck hurt ?  Are your shoulders tight ?

Does your lower back ache all the time ?

If you have any of these symptoms, your body is telling you to take some time to get it healthy again. These symptoms are a warning sign that your body is becoming over tight, your tendons are seizing up, your joints need to start turning again.

It is time you took care of your own unique physical, mental and emotional needs.

Let me motivate you to slowly move your body to begin the healing process.

Exclusive Workouts

I am so happy to help you all in your own self healing process.

Through simple movement in stretching and dancing you will learn easy and fun ways to loosen up your tight body.

If you do the workouts daily your body will slowly relax and you will finally be pain free in a few short days.

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I hope you all continue to heal and become pain free while doing my stretching.

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Bikini & Underwear Yoga Videos
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Booty & Thigh Workout Series
You can donate above the required Tier amount at signup That is just the amount required to join the Tier
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  •  Include 2019 Patreon Natural Elements Archive - 28 videos
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  • Booty and Thigh Workout Series
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